2020 Committees

Interested in volunteering on a Committee?
Contact the Chair or Co-Chair below with your interest!

Sponsorship Co-Chairs

Shelly Bishop, CRP - Relocation America International

Christopher Krisciunas - DLux Suites

Email: sponsorships@detroitrrc.org


Membership Co-Chairs

Joe Marton, CRP, GMS - Daimler

Jennifer Jorgensen - Plastipak Packaging

Email: membership@detroitrrc.org


Charities Chair

Linda Harris - V-Suites

Email: charities@detroitrrc.org


Programs/Venue Chair

Tessa Boone - Ford Motor Company

Email: programs@detroitrrc.org


Media/Communications/Website Co-Chairs
Erin Freeman - Leer
Lisa Fontana, CRP, GMS-T - Quicken Loans
Email: media@detroitrrc.org