Purchase Sponsorship

We have several sponsorship offers available below for our Q4 Holiday Meeting a Dinner. Use the PayPal button below each option to purchase!
Special Meeting Sponsorship:
Beverage Sponsor $1,000 (2 available)
Charity Sponsorships:
Personal Hygiene Sponsor $250 (3 available)
Chap stick, Sneaker Balls/Shoe deodorizers, Toothbrush
Sweet Treats Sponsor $300 (1 available)
Candy Canes, Christmas Themed Candy
School Supplies Sponsor $300 (2 available)
Art Supplies, Battery powered Christmas Lights, Funny Band-Aids, Winter gloves (OS), Mini Flashlights for reading
Toys Sponsor $300 (2 available)
Yo-yo's, Stress balls (sport balls), art supplies, battery powered Christmas Lights, Music Earbuds, Mini- Whoopee Cushions, Playing cards
CLICK HERE for Information on Purchasing an Annual Sponsorship